Educational PH Tour 2019

Educational PH Tour 2019

“Achieve Better Buildings” is a clear message and the same motto of the PH conference in Heidelberg, this year.
We believe that Education is the key to every better change and we love to bring the know-how to our PH course participants, customers and clients but it is essential to see and believe, learn, experience and understand what this change includes and what it comes with and what the results are.


International Passive House Conference 2018

22nd International
Passive House Conference 2018 in Munich

Don't miss out on the 22nd International Passive House Conference in Munich, Germany
March 9th - 11th, 2018

"The International Passive House Conference is the year's premium Passive House event, where about 1000 thought leaders and innovators from around the world gather. Here you will find a wide range of networking opportunities! Presentations, workshops and excursions allow you to share your experience with other professionals and to learn more about the latest Passive House ...."

We are exicted to attend the Passive House Conference 2018 with our Passive House Tour.
Join us or meet us there!

International Passive House Conference 2017

21st International
Passive House Conference 2017 in Vienna

The Passive House Conference 2017 will take place in Vienna.

The upcoming Passive House Conference will take place in the Austrian capital Vienna, which is increasingly turning to energy efficient construction. 2013 saw the opening of the 20-storey RWH.2 office tower, at the time the world’s tallest Passive House building.

Vienna is also home to Eurogate, the first residential Passive House estate consisting of 800 apartments. Since then, numerous Passive House neighborhoods and settlements have been developed. Since 2008, the neighboring province of Lower Austria, requires public buildings in Passive House Standard, including a courthouse and a detention center. The city also has experience with renovation of Wilhelminian-style buildings to the Passive House Standard.

Hope to see you there.