Wood Fibre Board

Wood Fibre board

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Wood Fibre Board
insulation panels are comprised of porous wood fibres. These naturally insulating panels are utilized for heat and impact insulation in floor, wall, ceiling and roof structures, as well as for exterior finishing insulation systems. Wood Fibre Board panels have a high heat storage capability and excellent thermal insulation properties. They are open to vapor diffusion and can be used as windproof elements as well which allows you to build a vapor permeable exterior shell. Like wool and hemp, Wood Fibre has the capacity to both absorb and release moisture making it a breathable structure.  This helps prevent overheating in summer and provides a safeguard against condensation in winter.

Surplus wood and waste from the sawmill industry and thinning (spruce, fir and pine) are used to produce these components. The raw material for the production of Wood Fibre Boards are wood chips. They are fiberized in a conventional steam refiner and dried in a flash dryer. In difference to the traditional wet-manufacturing process the revolutionary dry process with a new bonding system has been developed. After the fibers are dried, they are blended with a special, fast curing Isocyanate resin. Finally, the endless board is cut to the required length. Due to raw material, production method,  insulating properties and recyclability this makes Wood Fibre Boards to one of most green building materials on the market.

Wood Fibre Boards are produced in various thicknesses (22 – 240 mm), various sizes (up to 2500 mm), various densities (50 – 220 kg/m3) and different edge profiles as T&G, chip lap or just butt joint. The λ-value varies from 0.037 to 0.047 W/(mK) which corresponds to R 3.1 – 3.9/inch.

Insulation in Summer

Of all building materials, wood has the greatest thermal storage capacity. Wood Fibre Board insulation, being made from wood, has this feature and for this reason contributes greatly to creating a comfortable indoor climate in summer. Wood Fibre insulation absorbs more heat, stores it longer  and better dampens the flow of heat to the interior areas (phase shift). So even when it’s really warm outside, inside you stay cool in a pleasant environment without air conditioning. Especially when the seasons are changing and temperatures vary greatly from day to night, wood’s thermal storage capacity is of enormous assistance in regulating indoor temperatures and thus lowering the need for heating.

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