PHPP 9 – Passive House Planning Package V9

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)
our choice for PH design

PHPP 9 – the only energy-modelling software for PH design.

PHPP 9 is an essential tool for achieving energy efficiency, sustainability, and retrofit success. It looks at each project’s unique needs and comes up with recommendations you can trust. It’s a global standard for our industry and we work with it every chance we get.

Why do designers choose PHPP 9?

The Passive House Standard is the highest building standard worldwide. PHPP 9 is the most advanced and only performance-based energy-modelling software worldwide. It has been continuously updated by the Passive House Institute (PHI) since its first version in 1990. We believe in aiming high. We use the latest version and have it available for you included in the courses we teach or to purchase. It’s the foundation we build from.

PHPP allows users to create a complete energy model to calculate the energy performance of the whole building and its individual elements. The impact of any changes is instantly displayed, enabling designers to efficiently rule out non-compliant designs and optimize the building’s performance. It allows users to calculate mechanical systems like Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV/ ERV), Photovoltaic Systems, and Thermal Solar Systems. This instant feedback saves time and money.

PHPP 9 is thoroughly validated against the latest data. It is measured against real building performance in various climates. You can be assured the energy demand it predicts will reflect actual energy consumption. It provides accurate assessments to ensure targeted designs.


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