Certified Passive House Windows

PH Windows

Invest in the best windows for brilliant results you can see.

Our window products are third-party PH certified. Windows are a critical component of every build. However, they can result in 50% of all heat loss as the thermally weakest part of a building. It’s important to invest in a strong, consistent window product to achieve PH success.

The quality of the windows is essential to interior comfort. The glazing and frame surfaces need to remain warm enough on cold nights to minimize interior cold spots and downdrafts. PH certified windows help you achieve this.

In all parts of Canada, triple glazing is essential to achieve superior insultation. PH windows use two low-e coatings, argon (or krypton) gas fill and insulated spacers. Insulating your windows is as important as insulating your home or building.

Different climatic conditions around the world place exceedingly varied demands on windows and doors. PH windows are there to meet the many challenges different climates present.


PH window advantages

  • highest insulation values
  • variable solar heat-gain co-efficiencies
  • third-party certified
  • custom made in size, color, material, and finish.

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