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Airtight Systems

Saving Energy and Costs

For almost 30 years, ISOCELL offers and develops airtightness solutions for low-energy and passive houses in new building and renovation projects. Whether you need window tape or any other kind of airtightness product or membrane, ISOCELL offers the perfect solution.

Air and wind-tightness are decisive factors for efficient thermal insulation. Through non-airtight sections – so-called leakage – in the building’s envelope, warm indoor air can flow freely to the outside and is replaced by cold air from outdoors. This cold air must be heated up again by the heating system. Research has shown that even when houses are well insulated, the proportion of thermal loss through leakages and thermal bridges can be up to 60 % of the total loss. Direct results of leakage in the building envelope are mold from condensation, reduced performance of acoustic insulation, dry room air and cold floors, and of course higher energy bills.

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