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Our passion for energy-efficient products is with us every step we take in creating a passive building. We import and distribute quality European and local products for a comfortable and airtight shell. Our recently completed home is a PH plus certified building. It is a prime PH products-at-work example and you can book an in-person tour.

These four key components are the framework for sustainable PH buildings.

Wood Fibre Board Insulation 

Produced with reduced impact on forest resources and the utmost respect for our precious environment…

Passive House Products

Wood Aluminum Windows

The quality of your windows reflects the quality of your indoor comfort. The proof is in the structure, design, and fit…

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

CLT is the green product of choice for many structures, from homes to health care facilities. People choose it based on results…

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) V9 

The Passive House Planning Package V9 is the most advanced and only performance-based energy modelling software worldwide. We stand by it. Here’s why…

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