Educational PH Tour 2019

Educational PH Tour 2019

“Achieve Better Buildings” is a clear message and the same motto of the PH conference in Heidelberg, this year.
We believe that Education is the key to every better change and we love to bring the know-how to our PH course participants, customers and clients but it is essential to see and believe, learn, experience and understand what this change includes and what it comes with and what the results are.


Educational Passive House Tour 2018 Impressions

Educational Passive House Tour
2018 Impressions

The tour started in Munich and lead us through spectacular landscapes through Austria and Northern Italy.
This tour was another great experience with amazing participants and great hosts.

We explored some of the leading companies in wood construction, from prefabrication to CLT and wood fibre board production as well as PH certified window manufacturing.

To all of you a big thank you, and we hope to see you again, next year in Heidelberg, 2019!

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Educational Passive House Tour 2018

Educational Passive House Tour 2018

Come join us on our Educational Passive House Tour between March 11th –16th, 2018
operated by Stich Consulting & Design Inc.

This tour will be all about Passive Houses, Passive House buildings, Passive House products, suppliers and much more.

See, Learn and Experience what Passive Houses has to offer you! Dive into the affordable and energy efficient world of buildings & houses!
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Educational Passive House Tour 2018