We practice what we preach/teach

We practice what we preach and teach

Great News! We are happy to announce that our newest project has finally come together, and we can get comfortable in our own PH. Our newly built home is a Certified Passive House and is listed in the Passive House Database.

It is the first prefabricated certified PH home built with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) in Invermere, British Columbia.

We are opening our doors and invite you to tour our home and discover everything PH practices have to offer. Please book your tour appointment in advance.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our house soon! Tomaz & Jasminka

Please email tomaz@stichpassivedesign.com & jasminka@stichpassivedesign.com
or call (250) 341-8352 & (250) 341-1974 to book your tour. 

Passive House Certified Building

  • First prefabricated certified PH home out of CLT (cross laminated timber) in Invermere, BC

Educational PH Tour 2019

Educational PH Tour 2019

“Achieve Better Buildings” is a clear message and the same motto of the PH conference in Heidelberg, this year.
We believe that Education is the key to every better change and we love to bring the know-how to our PH course participants, customers and clients but it is essential to see and believe, learn, experience and understand what this change includes and what it comes with and what the results are.