Educational Passive House Tour 2018

Educational Passive House Tour 2018

Come join us on our Educational Passive House Tour between March 11th –16th, 2018
operated by Stich Consulting & Design Inc.

This tour will be all about Passive Houses, Passive House buildings, Passive House products, suppliers and much more.

See, Learn and Experience what Passive Houses has to offer you! Dive into the affordable and energy efficient world of buildings & houses!
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Educational Passive House Tour 2018

Passive House Road Trip 2017

Passive House and Manufacturing Tour
April 30th – May 5th 2017

Some impressions from our tour 2017!

Hope to see you at the next int. Passive House conference in Munich on 9th-10th of March 2018 and manufacturing tour from 11th to 16th of March 2018.

More impressions here

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