Passive House Consultant/Designer and Certifier

    CUSTOM PASSIVE HOMES We can help you to decide and purchase the right products for your custom needs!
  • First prefabricated certified PH home out of CLT (cross laminated timber) in Invermere, BC

We are your top choice for Passive House (PH) services.

We can work with you from start to finish. We plan. We design. We build. We consult. You choose. We also import and distribute trusted European products that ensure a comfortable airtight house shell. We are here to help you experience a successful PH build.

We are so passionate about PH, we just built a home using its top products, practices, and plans. We recently received our official Certified Passive House Plus certificate. Now, we want to share with you.

Learn by seeing. Book your in-person Stich passive home tour for a close-up look at PH living. You can also take a virtual video tour (see video) of our passive process and products in action.

Certified passive house designer
passive house designer

What is a Passive House (PH)?

PH is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological—all at the same time. PH is not a brand nameit is a construction concept that can be applied by anyone.

The vast energy savings in PH are achieved by using specially designed, energy efficient building components and a quality ventilation system. There is absolutely no cutting back on comfort; instead, the level of comfort is considerably increased.

We’ll help you design the outside to protect the inside.

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